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    #17 - ION mod idea by SaMMeh #2

    I know this idea is somewhat of a copy of the Ipod Touch idea..but my idea is a life size version Blackberry Curve.

    I was thinking about putting a ~20" monitor for the screen like this one: For the mouse, just take like a trackball mouse such as And could make the send the power button and the end call the shutdown button. For the keyboard im not sure how you'd do that..and for the speaker up top you could just put some sort of a slim speaker. I think the ION Platform is sort of like a blackberry, a small handheld PC.

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    #17 - ION mod idea by SaMMeh #2

    The Idea of a handheld pc is to be able to use it in your hand. ex. a laptop. not exactly handheld but. portable. umm acers eee mini books. ^_^ you've got the right idea though I like it. BUT now that I think about it I guess you could do it with a battery pack it might have to be a custom made rechargable battery pack but you can take out the power board in a monitor and wire a 12v and 5v connection to the controller board directly I believe. itd take a little bit of modding but I actually think thats possible

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