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Thread: I need help really bad

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    I need help really bad

    Ok, I have this ancient case I got at a rumage sale for $2. Its a mid tower (if they even existed when this case was made :lol: ) And I plan on basically remaking everything. I would post pictures, but I don't know of a good free image hosting site, so for now I will just describe it. Its 16" tall about 8.25" wide and 15.375" deep. It has a horrid beige color, and the interior is a simple light gray. I plan on painting it and changing the entire color scheme. What I would like to do is on the top and towards the back cut out a large section to be replaced with mesh, and the same on the side panel. Because of the really shitty bezel it came with (seriously we're talking windows 95 logo-like look 8O ) I would like too remake the front panel of the actual case. What I had in mind was to drill out all the rivets holding the front piece of metal the the rest of the case and replace it with meshing that would have all the bays cut out of, then having a "door" type thing that covers the entire front to act as a bezel. The door would consist of a back panel that would rest against the actual metal frame, something along the lines of this:

    And have fans in the middle and then have the bezel look something like this:

    Then on the back, I don't like the layout of the parts, i.e. the power supply is sideways on the top and the motherboard sits lower, so what I planned on doing was to drill out the rivets on the IO panel thing that holds all of the ports that the motherboard and expansion cards would fill and then remove the entire back panel and then cut a new one from some aluminum sheet metal (I was looking at this stuff here) and then use thumb screws to reattach the panel that I saved onto it. Then the motherboard tray that the case currently has is attached to the bottom on hinges that let it fall out the right side (from looking at it from the front), I do like that, but I feel that I could do better, and attach the tray to the back pannel that I saved and make it a removable tray. For the fans I thought of coating the blades in silicon skin and also possibly the interior of the case in this skin (aluminum is 1.59 more heat conductive than the skin, so I wouldn't be trapping all the heat inside). On the top I also wanted to add some handles and a usb, E-stata, and power switch thing. I am also going to put an LCD screen near the usb and power switches if I have the room.

    So now, here's where I need the help . What are all the tools and equipment would I need for this mod (my first so sorry for all the noob questions)? What kind of primer, if any should I get for the metal? What kind of surface preparations would need to be done to the metal? What type of paint should I get (urethane, enamel, latex, ect.)? Where could I buy cheap and good quality meshing that has good airflow? What are some good cutting techniques? How many TPI should my jigsaw blade be? How would I go about constructing something like the door I would like to make? What kind of hinges would be good for said door? How do I remove the plastic blade cylinder thing off of the fan without destroying the drive shaft and/or motor? Would the silicon skin be a good idea on the fan? Would it be a good idea on the interior? Where can I get the usb and E-sata input things that appear on many cases (preferably bare)? Ok I think that about covers it for now so any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I need help really bad

    Image hosting = as for the rest we will have to jump into it a few pieces at a time.

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    I need help really bad

    8O I jsut noticed the title of the topic, I hate myself and my grammar. Here's the images of what it is now minus the bezel since I through it away

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