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Thread: #295 - ION mod idea by zintinio

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    #295 - ION mod idea by zintinio

    My idea for an ion based pc is a chameleon shaped pc with the standard dual core atom, ion, etc. The chameleon would glow with a neon light when the pc was on, and would change colors to notify wether it was in standby (Blue), off (RED), or on (Green). The idea is for a neo-chameleon, a blend of light show, and the cool, small pc that ion makes possible. Bluetooth would also be nice, with some of the components clearly visible.



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    #295 - ION mod idea by zintinio


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    #295 - ION mod idea by zintinio

    Kool Idea !!

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    #295 - ION mod idea by zintinio

    How would you layout the components? DVD slot load in the mouth? What about cooling?

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    #295 - ION mod idea by zintinio

    those would have to be some big lizards

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