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Thread: Project A-51 - update 090906

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    Project A-51 - update 090906

    This will be my next project, the work title is „A-51“.

    It will be inspired by Area 51 and all those spooky stories around it…. The Rig is build from a normal ATX Midi Tower which I already converted to WTX.

    It will get a huge side+top Window and a lot of eyecatching details in the inside of the case.

    Up to now I already have done some of the gadgets I will built in, like an motorized “Iris” which regulates the airstream from a stealth mounted Fan under it.
    But enough of the words here are the first pictures of it ….more will follow in the next days….

    The Pictures aren´t the best, but i think they are ok for a first impression.

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    Project A-51 - update 090906

    and here are some more pictures....

    here are some pictures from my "Iris" in the first version....

    the 2 water reservoirs...

    and this is a backplate i made for a fan controll and some controll switches which i need to controll the iris and the fan below.....

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    Project A-51 - update 090906

    Looks like you are really on a roll so far. The mod really captures the mood.

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    Project A-51 - update 090906

    Sweet! What a great idea for a mod.

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    Project A-51 - update 090906

    Crap this is going to me interesting good luck

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    Project A-51 - update 090906

    Cool.. Looking good so far thechoozen...

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    Project A-51 - update 090906

    MOD ON!

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    Project A-51 - update 090906


    this is what i´ve done today.....

    some shots from the backside of the case

    a view from top to ground.....

    a first cooler experiment which i build for the Northbridge of the system...

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    Project A-51 - update 090906

    just a small update with the small radar screen on his place with some light on.....

    and i´ve made a small video from my "iris" the moment everything is a little bit fast but i will slow the movement down in the later progress....


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    Project A-51 - update 090906

    You know what would be really cool? if you could mod those tubes in to resevoirs and mod in cooling that looks like part of the case.

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