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Thread: #273 - ION mod idea by cr6564

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    #273 - ION mod idea by cr6564

    My mod would be a full media computer inside a drawer (for a kitchen or bedroom). The Ion delivers the power for this to be possible.

    This shows off the true power of the ion, and its ability to be very useful in creative situations. Most people are now watching their movies and shows online. There is nothing better than watching in the kitchen with the power of the Ion!

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    #273 - ION mod idea by cr6564

    Pretty good idea, and low-cost too! I could see this being mounted in an entertainment center drawer.

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    #273 - ION mod idea by cr6564

    Good idea indeed !!

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    #273 - ION mod idea by cr6564

    yeah its an alright idea but if they were to build that shipping would be killer for it haha. I'd put a lock on it.

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    #273 - ION mod idea by cr6564

    The board being used is the DE version which doesnt come with the adapter. Also, what would you do about cooling?

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