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Thread: #20 - ION mod idea by Keppeco

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    #20 - ION mod idea by Keppeco

    Hello all, new to the forum. Getting right down to business, possible idea I'm considering is an UMPC form, but featuring a left-side grip and webcam, allowing someone to be able to be mobile, using wifi, and still chat with friends and family while doing other things (. This would also have a stand, allowing you to set it on a surface and still use it.

    Here's some inspiration from Warehouse 13 that basically conveys my idea as a video communicator!

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    #20 - ION mod idea by Keppeco

    Hahaha I watch the show and didn't think about doing this haha good job.
    Just gotta get a laptop batter to make it portable and your good most of the parts needed are easy.

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    #20 - ION mod idea by Keppeco

    something I don't like about laptops is that you can't really carry them cause you have to cradle them from the bottom, and the screen hangs open. UMPC form would be much better.

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