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Thread: #272 - ION mod idea by destroydude

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    #272 - ION mod idea by destroydude

    Here's my idea. I want it to be mounted in an old trashcan. Big ION logo cut out of the metal on one side and on the other side, cut out cool designs. On the inside, put mesh behind where all of the designs are too give it a cool glow effect. The motherboard will be in the center of the unit. Get some mesh to cover the top and spraypaint it green. Mold the mesh over the top of the trashcan and then, in the center of the mesh, put a 230mm green LED exhaust fan. Put some stands on the bottom of the trashcan so it is elevated about one inch off the ground. The power supply will be at the bottom, power plug facing down. The PSU cable will be plugged in from underneath the trash can. Cut slits on the bottom of the can and put 2 green 12 inch cold cathodes so the bottom glows. Get 4 lazer LED modules, stick them to the bottom so the green light shines up through the mesh. The hard drives will be attached to the bottom of the motherboard platform. The can will be spray painted flat black.DVD drive will be mounted near the top.

    Trash can should be some old metal one that you could probably find on the street. Not too small, not too big.


    Zotac ION ITX-B-E Intel Atom Nvidia ION
    ZEROtherm Atom 30H intel Atom CPU cooler
    4 lazer LED modules
    2 green cold cathodes
    Corsair CX400w PSU
    Modders mesh black
    Kingston 4gb (2x2gb) DDR2 PC-6400 RAM
    WD caviar Green 1tb HDD SataII
    LG DVD drive GH22NS50


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    #272 - ION mod idea by destroydude

    and the board does not require a power supply unless your talkin about using it for lazer leds and the cathodes but if you wanna put it in a trashcan a regular psu is alot of un-needed generated heat .. . why settle for pc5300 when you can use pc6400 with it? I'd go with mushkin. possibly ocz but i've read alot about DOA sticks.

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    #272 - ION mod idea by destroydude

    Ok. Ill upgrade it to pc 6400. I just wasnt sure about the supported frequencies on this board. And wait, I dont need a PSU? WHats with that? there's a 20 pin connector on the board. How is it supposed to get power without a PSU?

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    #272 - ION mod idea by destroydude

    The motherboards we are going to get will have an AC adapter.

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    #272 - ION mod idea by destroydude

    AC adapter? Ok then. But i guess I need to keep the PSU to power the lighting and fan.

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    #272 - ION mod idea by destroydude

    AC adapter? Ok then. But i guess I need to keep the PSU to power the lighting and fan.
    yeah thats just a pinout that got soldered theres no pins or anything its powered by an ac adapter. although you might need power for the lights still there is a molex conn on the board but it might not be smart to pull too much out of it haha. micro atx power supply oughta do it. all you gotta do is jump pins 13/14 together I believe.

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    #272 - ION mod idea by destroydude

    The board is the DE version which uses a 20-pin ATX connector. This is not the one that comes with the adapter.

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