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Thread: #229 - ION mod idea by Vashant

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    #229 - ION mod idea by Vashant

    Hi guys, this is my first idea, hope you like it.

    For bigger pics with more detail just click on the pics.

    With this compact mod you can utilize the raid features of the ion board as this case allows for 3 full size 3.5 internal hard drives. It also has good air pass through to the hard drives to keep them cool as you will see with the mesh on both sides of all the drives in the pictures to follow.

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    #229 - ION mod idea by Vashant

    Above you can see the mesh for the pass through air for the hard drives keeping them nice and cool.

    In the pics below you can see where the hard drives will be located, the left wall, right wall, and back wall above the mother board allowing the power of raid to really boost this motherboards performance.

    I figure there should also be a front flip down/slide down panel to give access to your front audio and 1 or 2 front usb inputs.

    The mother board will be centered in the bottom of the case to allow for easier wiring going to the hard drives and such on the sides of it. You can also possibly use some kind of rubber grommets for the hard drives to help silence them.

    I figure you can put 2 quiet 60mm fans in the front and 1 quiet 120mm fan above the mother board in the back as the pic below shows to keep the motherboard cool with great airflow, this way if your in your living room watching a movie from it you are not bothered by the sound of the fans.

    As for parts, a bluray player for about $120, 3 top of the line good low noise fans $50, cables and such $25, power switch $20.

    Total is about $215 leaving $285 for the case materials.

    Almost forgot, it's only about 8" deep, 11" wide, and 8" tall. Nice and compact.

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    #229 - ION mod idea by Vashant

    sweet idea, and great sketchup to illustrate!

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    #229 - ION mod idea by Vashant

    Just edited last post and threw in some see through pics of the hard drive locations that I forgot last time.

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    #229 - ION mod idea by Vashant

    Also due to possible copyright issues, the logos on the top can be changed if needed to whatever the modder who builds it feels like.

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