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    new computer

    ok i finally got my new computer up and running,i am posting some pics of what it looks like right now,i know it is a mess and yall all are going to say clean up the wires,but i dont want to right now becuase this is only a temp. case until i get my new one in,i am just waiting for it to come in.the spec of the compter is.
    pc chips motherboard
    Intel Celeron D 345 3.06GHz cpu
    ati radeon 9550 video card
    512mb of ddr ram
    80gig hdd
    creative sound sound card-blaster live 24-bit
    sony 16x dvd+r single layer burner
    Logisys 500 Watt All Acrylic Dual Blue LED Fan Power Supply
    Arctic awc-1 watercooling kit
    saitek gaming keyboard
    here is a link to the pics

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    new computer

    you sir have a nice case and a really decent setup. props to ya.

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    new computer

    you sir have a nice case and a really decent setup. props to ya.
    Ditto, sweet and have fun. :idea:

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    new computer

    thanks senior and em3bilko.But about the case i really dont like it bends very easy and it is thin pannels.i am waiting for my new case to come in then i am going to mod it and put everything in there and make it nice looks and clean up all the wires when i put it in the new case for right now i dont feel like doing that because that is just a waste of time

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    new computer

    I understand so I'll sit on my hands and wait patiently until then. Happy modding. :idea:

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    new computer

    when i get the new case in i start posting new pics and the mods i am going to do to it

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    new computer

    Muhahaha, i'm not the only one with a celeron of doom . Awesome work bro

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    new computer

    well i just ordered the rest of my parts to day should have them no later then fri. i order 512mb video card,1gig of ram,250gb hdd,7.1 speakers,7.1 sound tuner.and a new case.I am also going to us my computer as a htpc and be hooked up to my 32" widescreen lcd tv thur dvi hook-up.I am leaving town fri night so sun. when i get back ill post all the pics and then start on work logs because i am building 3 computers.I also build a lap-top.I got a wireless keyboard,mouse looks like a lap-top keyboard and mouse but with out the more thing i order was a 19" widescreen lcd monitor

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    new computer

    woa what are the specs gonna be?

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    new computer

    mad_mod_man0748 sweet setup so I'm looking forward to the new case and images to show it off.

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