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    #27 - ION mod Idea by powerAnimator #1

    I've been trying to put an HTPC in the living room for ages, but my wife always goes "I'm not putting this ugly thing in MY living room". What my wife will put in her living room are all kinds of decorative thingies. This is why I decided to design this cute little piggy bank, as well as all the other stuff I'll be posting in the next few days.
    It's small, cute and also useful for keeping that small change you always have lying around in your pocket.
    Maybe this way I will finally have a media center to connect to my 40" full HD Bravia.

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    #27 - ION mod Idea by powerAnimator #1

    heh I thought about the piggy bank but they're outdated.

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    #27 - ION mod Idea by powerAnimator #1

    It's a niche appeal, but cute! Nice design work!

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