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    #46 - ION mod idea by evil-98 #3

    My third idea is a pitch off of my second. this would again be a mobile multimedia application with the possibility of being self sustained if used w/ a IONITX-D-E, dc to dc PSU, a small 12v battery, charge controller, and a solar cell. it is also again based off of the AIM touch screen AIM-TM5R070-O01

    this is a hardshell back pack, which will house the ION on the bottom to still have enough room to still be used as a backpack. The screen should be adjustable so if needed the backpack and be used as a desktop. perfect for those trendy students doing there studies at starbucks. just all in one. pull your books out of the bag, get your mouse, keyboard and chug away. the I/O should be facing down with some sort of cover to hide it when not and use.

    model to come next

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    #46 - ION mod idea by evil-98 #3

    nice idea and design!

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    #46 - ION mod idea by evil-98 #3

    Wheres the RENDER Rocky?

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