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    #363 - ION Mod Idea by RandomUserBob #1

    I know it's been done before, but a Weighted Companion Cube would work.
    It can be small.
    It definitely was built with graphics (gaming) in mind.

    I made a couple of sketches for the internal design.

    As shown, the cube will be cooled by a fan at the bottom.
    The Ion board might be cooled better if it is mounted upside down so it faces the fan.
    A 32 gb Solid State hard drive would be enough, and the physical size should be minimal.
    The DVD Drive is at the top. If it could open upwards, like a Gamecube and some DVD players, that would be awesome. For reference:

    The next sketch shows a little more about ventilation. More vents may be needed.

    Now, just a companion cube would be kind of lame. It needs a turret. The turret should contain a bluetooth laser virtual keyboard, with the emitter on the keyboard housed in the laser sight of the turret.

    Inside of:

    For a mouse, any bluetooth mouse painted with an Aperture Science theme would do.

    And now for a price tally. Everything is overestimated, I hope.

    Potential/Unnecessary Parts
    USB Bluetooth adapter, if bluetooth isn't available by default- $20
    Portal - $10 or 15

    Definite Parts
    Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard- $200
    Bluetooth mouse - $40
    32 gb internal Solid State hard drive - $100
    DVD Drive (Preferably top opening) - $50
    120 mm fan - $5 to 10
    Power- Preferably an external power brick. No idea what the cost could be.

    That leaves about $100 for any parts I might have skipped, including paints and case materials.
    I don't know whether plexiglass, plastics, or metal would be best for the case. I leave it entirely in your hands.

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    #363 - ION Mod Idea by RandomUserBob #1

    I completely forgot to add memory. I'm an idiot.
    DDR2 800 would work. A single 1 or 2 GB stick should only run $10-20.

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    #363 - ION Mod Idea by RandomUserBob #1

    Another possibility would be to scrap the cube and house the entire thing inside of the turret.

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    #363 - ION Mod Idea by RandomUserBob #1

    I like the turret with the laser keyboard idea!

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    #363 - ION Mod Idea by RandomUserBob #1

    I am calling shotgun on the Sentry mod =)

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    #363 - ION Mod Idea by RandomUserBob #1

    If it is too difficult to mount the laser keyboard in the sentry turret's eye, an alternative would be mounting a wireless webcam in there with a few red LEDs.
    If that is the case, then the laser keyboard wouldn't really be needed. Any wireless keyboard painted to have an Aperture Science theme would do.

    Wireless webcam - $100
    Wireless keyboard - $30
    LEDs - cheap

    If this path is taken, then there may be enough money left over to even get a monitor as well, considering that the RAM and SSD is sponsored as well (I wish I knew that earlier).

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