First of all i need EVERYONE to correct me if im looking at this from the wrong perspective,

Ok Well i want to get everyone viewing my Idea into this mindset.

This is basically the whole thing together including the HDD etc the lot.. apart from the CD/DVD drive

Well my design is using one of these where stating at the purple block called "ION" is the image shown above or similar..

the case however is a CAR ahaha

So be it here is my design using the model of a BMW M3 but the designer doesnt need to use this car exactly but it would be my preference. as it does have a semi-boxed shape but workable style to it.. i drew up in PSCS4 of what i think the Case should be like.. this is just the roughest sketch on an idea for the case modder.

heres the image.

The CD/DVD drive would open up through the boot of the car. Also the dimensions are so rough im not no major artist, just a little boy in hope of winning something in his life. ahaha

As stated that we could be asked for more in-depth design to our ideas.. well im trying to fit this into the 300word limit. so if you need more in-depth then just ask.
NOTE: i realise the width would need to be a bit bigger
Dicee 8O