My first idea:
I would love to see a keyboard with the portability of a palm's keyboard turned into a full computer. Or maybe a standard keyboard if a keyboard that folds or compacts is too difficult. When you look at a desk, you should have only the bare essentials to reduce clutter. This means eliminating the tower, as well as many cords as possible.
-include a blue tooth mouse
-integrate speakers
The hard drive would be on the right and the motherboard in the middle, leaving the dvd drive on the left to open without hitting the mouse.
This is the cheaper of my two ideas, and would cost less than $100 even when taken to the extreme. Plus, I consider it to be too close in resemblance to laptops, although without the screen. Thus I do not actually count this as an entry because it is actually a degraded laptop.

My real, useful idea:
This is the second idea that I came up with, oriented towards those who want a home theater system but do not have the space or do not want a full sized computer tower taking up the floor next to their professionally-hung hd tv. With the added thickness of the computer, this project would involve sinking it into the wall for a more seamless look. Also, in-wall cables would help looks tremendously. The basic essence of this idea is that everyone has digital photos, and pays over $50 for a digital photo frame. Then, they also sometimes will buy a computer for their own dvr.

sheet metal
various nuts, bolts, and other fasteners
wireless desktop with good range(keyboard and mouse)
hd tv tuner-usb(optional)
2.5 in solid state hard drive
laptop blue ray drive
very thin 15 in wide screen lcd monitor (maybe smaller even)

Wifi would remove one more cable
Can display pictures while watching hd movie
If nothing else, this case setup with a larger monitor would work wonderfully for a desktop with no space (especially a shallow one) as it is less than 5 in deep for the monitor and the computer!

The other option that I would choose to have:
very soft lighting around the frame of the lcd monitor or maybe behind the frame so it glows on the wall behind... different colors flashing patterns? Lots of potential here for creativity. Just would use the extra funds on this.

Also, sorry for the handwriting and the disorganization in the diagram. >Tried< to draw top, side, and front views (clockwise from top)
If any more details or drawings are needed, just contact me!
Please consider the usefulness of this design!
Thanks, -jwpowers5

Also, the pic cut off the top, which is the label telling you the top is the top view.