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Thread: First Mod - CM830 Stacker

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    First Mod - CM830 Stacker

    Using a Dremel 300 I cut out the Quake 4 symbol with come very rough edges

    It was then cleaned using a rounded edge file

    The case was then ready for a matt black interior and red grill.

    Two large whole were added to the motherboard tray to run cables around the back

    Bits where primed and ready for paint

    Didn't want to remove the grill and it looked to be a bit of a pain to get it back in. Top of the case was covered and the grill would be painted attached.

    I went about this the hard way and didn't hang up the chassis

    Case back together, now for the front panel.

    The Nvidia logo is very visable on the front of this NV830 stacker .

    Standed down keeping as much as the paint job in tact using wet dry fine grade.

    pd/DSC00834.jpg" alt="" />

    Sanded the edges of the paint job to make it look slightly worn

    For the side panel the stacker has a mesh panel in this case the NV stackers grill was green. This had to be removed and replaced wtih acrylic.

    I only had access to my electric jigsaw, I went to the hardware store and bought some t shank acrylic blades and went about making a side panel.

    Once cut you can see the jigsaw left me with some very rough edges

    I used a straight edge file at a 45 degree angle and slowly moved across the edges of the acrylic to get rid of the chips.

    Next I took the Quake Symbol created and used 3M heavy tape to apply to the acrylic

    I used 3Mx10mm Black allen bolts paired with penny washers to secure the panel

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    First Mod - CM830 Stacker

    That's looking pretty slick there.

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    First Mod - CM830 Stacker

    Nice and just like a modder, always used what ever you can to get the look you want.

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    First Mod - CM830 Stacker

    Thanks guys I appreciate the comments. Glad I posted up here.

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    First Mod - CM830 Stacker

    So are you finished or do you have more planned for the case? You bringing this to Quakecon right?

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    First Mod - CM830 Stacker

    Yeah still under construction.

    I'm putting in a
    Gigabyte P45 ultra
    Ati 4870
    2x2Gb 800Mhz DDR2
    650W Corsair TX

    Ordering a WC set up tomorrow (Pay day )
    Thinking it might be a bit of a paind to mount the Rad with this case. Going to see if I can mount a Black Ice stealth 240mm Rad in side the case. Will be going for a Res with UV red follow indicator

    I'm from the UK so won't be coming to Quake con this year but will be looking at coming out next year.

    I've also got a little project I have been working on with my main Rig I'll throw up in a moment

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    First Mod - CM830 Stacker

    Nice! Looking forward the progression.

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    First Mod - CM830 Stacker

    Got to say it was watching Bills Owens youtube videos that helped me with all of the cutting techniques.


    On The acrylic side panel I am going to engrave "Quad Damage" (using the Quake Font) above the quake symbol. Using a red cathode light above the window to highlight.

    Here are some practice runs using a spare acrylic sheet to get a feel for the tool.

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    First Mod - CM830 Stacker

    I plan to fit a Black Ice GT 240mm radiator to the front of the case behind the filtered bays. To do this I'll be making 6 brackets that will bolt to the 5 1/4" screw slots and screw into the rad. Above the Rad I'll be fitting a EK-BAY SPIN Reservoir.

    This will sacrifice my HDD space.

    I've raided my works old HP 530 model desktops and pulled out a single harddrive tray. I'll be spraying this black and fitting this to the bottom of the case in a red mesh enclosure.

    The tray next to the HDD is where I'll be fitting the pump

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    First Mod - CM830 Stacker

    Hi, quick update.

    I am working on the 2nd side panel for the 830 Stacker. I'm having both sides acrylic. I wanted to look in through at the motherboard tray and give a nice view of some neat back door cable management.

    This was has gone at lot smoother over my first attempts. I have the basic shape cut and I'm filing down the edges. Will post pics of both windows together hopefully tonight.

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