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Thread: #74 - Ion Mod idea by pureluck

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    #74 - Ion Mod idea by pureluck

    It is more than an old collegiate art-history book on the shelf. It is more than a book that you feel obligated to keep on your bookshelf as proof that you did in fact go to college, and that you are in fact somewhat smart. It is the casing for your confidential electronic information. Flipping open this book you find that this is the newest form in concealed information preservation.

    Likewise, a simple bookshelf modification would allow a user to connect a hidden powersource if desired. Utilizing a secured network this book could be all that you need to keep your confidential financial, personal, or medical records for your eyes only.

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    #74 - Ion Mod idea by pureluck

    It's a good idea, but it's already been suggested about 3 times in the past

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