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Thread: #75 - ION mod idea by gmcnamara

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    #75 - ION mod idea by gmcnamara

    the mod is: Tiki_Goddess on the sides and top, and if you can do it (but still leave DVD and USB ports) on the front as well.

    Tiki_Goddess Image is at
    (this is the 8 Mb version - the full size is 200 Mb+ - will send to the modder when I win). I have a moddest request for the PC: should be the fastest PC I have ever touched (a dual quad core CPU with 16 Gb ram that a scientific image analysis vendor who visited in June 2008 - I expect the modder can do better with this years CPUs and the new graphics cards).

    dual Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition I7-975 Quad Core Processor
    dual GeForce GTX 295 Video Card (1792 MB GDDR3 memory onboard)
    32 Gb DDR3 Memory
    1+ Terabyte RAID5, 15Krpm hard drives (ideally an array of nine 750 Gb, but I'm not going to be picky about disk space)
    Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
    8 Gb solid state drive (but only if you can find a fast one, that is faster than the 15Krpm array, that is also stable enough to hold the operating system)

    I "get" the icons on this submittal page, but don't see how to insert either a web page or an image. Here is the link:

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    #75 - ION mod idea by gmcnamara

    It's a nice, if freaky, idea, but we're supposed to be using the Zotac ION platform for our mods. AFAIK, there are no dual-quad-core Atom processor boards available

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