The Razors Edge Design is to embody simplicity with elegance. The Build would be of a shiny metal like chrome or polished copper with all wires coming out of the back like a hatch on a spaceship. The Idea is to keep the front clean with maybe some vents for good air flow, It should look like it came from another planet. In reality the case would need a stand of some form to hold it up. Like a wire cage with intricate designs and scrolls on it. Like the case is docked in a spaceport that effortlessly holds the ship like a delicate piece of art.

I would want the builders to build this box like it is their own. Taking great care in the details as if they were goint to own it themselves. Thus giving the builder free reign in the intricacies of the build details trying to find the best inner design for airflow and funtionality. Then design the hull from the best inner workings out.

Dimensions of the Craft should be whatever it takes to get the components inside. All tweakable to get the best look possible. While still being able to service parts or future upgrades.

The DVD Drive bay Door should be covered in the same metallic covering as the rest of the box, and open like an access hatch automatically. People should say wow that is cool.

USB and other peripherals should be hidden under small sliding doors or open up like landing gear. Allowing access like the ship is refueling.

The wifi Antenna can hang out the back like it is a part of the radar or communications system of the ship. It would be sweet if it could be chrome or metallic.

This build should look as beautiful as possible. Sleak and elegant with little details that make it more and more wonderous as it is explored. The metallic surfaces could be etched or engraved with runes and scrolls giving the apearance of something very ancient yet high tech. As if the next generations pay homage to the older more archaic yet beautifully asthetic side of things with whimsical and bold designs on the side.