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    Simple project

    I constantly use my laptop on different surfaces and some arent great for a laptop so I plan on making something i can set my laptop on so it can get good airflow.

    Basically all I'm doing is making a box with some handles and a few holes(one for a fan or two)
    It's a real simple project so it should be done mostly by tomorrow, I wont be adding handles till im sure this will work how I want it.

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    Simple project

    I forgot to get sandpaper, but this project is almost done all i need to do is close any gaps in the box with some wood filler sand it down, paint it(or stain it) add the fan, mount the battery box and add a switch

    now if you ever plan on making your own I suggest using plexiglass cause you can make it look nice with led's and all that other cool stuff...but I used plywood cause I have tons of it and I dont have to worry about it too much if it drops.

    (i'll take pics when i can)

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    Simple project

    I finaly got pictures, the quality is crap, but you can see what it is

    I plan of setting the fan in a bit more when i have the time.
    I need to redo the paint though, for some reason the primer didnt work like it should have
    Yes the fan is ran off a 9v, i plan on changing this when i get a new switch (the old one broke somehow)

    Oh and yes there is a reason that "lip" is ther on the right side of my project, its for when i transport my laptop i can hold it down so it wont fall off

    One last keeps my laptop cool! sure i could have baught a premade one but this was free, lol

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    Simple project

    As long as it works and your happy with it, that's what counts. Good work!!! It's people like you that has made the world as it is today with all of our hi-tech. It's necessity, the mother of invention or something like that. Happy Modding. :idea:

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    Simple project

    Nice idea. Refine and maybe you got something that you could sell as an idea to a large company.

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