I have thought about this often. I may even have the skills to build it! What I imagine is a computer installed in my motorcycle. The ION platform would be ideal for a modern computer. Add a bluetooth adapter and I can use my crackberry to access the internet. USB to a security system? yum. Can you say pop out monitor in the dash, wow! Roll up bluetooth rubberized keyboard (I bought a PS/2 version years ago...) Or a bluetooth version for a crackberry? They say you can install a bazillion watts of stereo, why not a decent computer instead? Pull up to a wireless cafe for fast downloads? downloads Google maps? Update Facebook with a pix of Hell's Canyon (look it up if you have never heard of it, even a diehard cubiclist would be moved by the view).

I do ride in Oregon and weather resistant features would be a must. Although there are "fair weather riders" out there, no one ever calls me that...

I may call her "Lady Blue" but there is no connection to Big Blue.

I bet there are applications I have not dreamed of yet, connect with my iPOD on the road? Stream a SKYPE with a webcam while goin down the road? Hook up to a projector and watch a movie in the wilderness?