more a functionally driven idea than some sort of "hide the PC" variant. would like a rig that can be added to my existing massage chair. i love watching (and falling asleep) watching tv/movies on the massage chair. what doesn't work right now is (1) how loud the sound system gets with all the flashes from the tv annoying the wife and (2) the big screen staying on whenever i fall asleep (wasting power/risking screen burn).

so a rig that would wrap around my chair, letting me attach my split keyboard, mouse and foot pedals (which i have now) would be ideal. when not in use, all would swing out of the way. the keyboard/mouse rests should be adjustable to place everything in ergonomically neutral positions. add a good pair of VR goggles (which i don't have now because most of them don't work w/ prescription glasses) and with this setup i'd be able to recline, enjoy a heated massage while watching DVD's (i'd ask for hi-def, but the don't think the VR goggles are there yet).

presumably the ION itself can drive the video properly (DVD, h.264, xvid, etc ... and eventually 1080p) as well as access my video/mp3 server wirelessly.

tho all that being said, for the "wife acceptance factor", making this all hidden and visually acceptable outside the man cave would be a major plus (if it wasn't for the WAF, i'd also attach these woot-off lights ;-) ). (a cup holder option for hot/cold drinks and remote caddy would be nice too. 8-)