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Thread: #414 - ION mod idea by od1

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    You could try changing the Bonsai tree to be split at the bottom, then turn into the Nvidia logo, and join up at the top. That might be neat to see.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Thanks guys (:

    Nemaster, that's an interesting idea. One they might consider if selected. Of course if they are feeling adventurous, they can build the tree rather than buy one.

    I haven't spent any time developing the tree itself - not sure if I'm going to or not as there is still some work to be done on the cage to get all the components fortified and stabilized.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    I don't recommend a real bonzai tree being that they need water

    you can make your own from an old branch you can find on the ground anywhere some moss and some leaves from michaels

    I use to make them and sell them a long while ago

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Yeah, I think I covered that in the original post -

    "It would be great if a living Bonsai could be incorporated into this, however there are a lot of specifics that would have to be taken into account; not the least of which is watering but also the plant type, root/plant depth requirements, sunlight... etc. So for this, an artificial Bonsai was selected however I do believe the fundamentals of the design and message remain."

    And in the first image it lists an 'Artificial Bonsai'

    I should probably be more clear about that.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Would you tel an old noob what program you create these images in? I have access to some graphic software but nothing like this.
    I would have posted my hand sketch sooner but I had trouble figuring out how to use Imageshack.
    Nice Images.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Hi August, thanks (:

    I have been using 3ds max for logo's, scenes and scratch modeling/prototyping for a few years now. I was using v5 since release then finally upgraded to v2009 last year. It's got a huge learning curve and I'm by no means an expert but I try my best.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Okay final update - I added a cage view and exploded view.

    Good luck to everyone who's entered!!! (:

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