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Thread: #414 - ION mod idea by od1

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    The Bonsai ION MOD

    The ION's form factor is such than, in the tradition of Bonsai, it is not a Bonsai until it has been pruned and shaped. The ION - having been pruned of the none-essentials and shaped into it's current form, is to me, the epitome of the Bonsai art form.

    I thought a Bonsai mod for the ION was the perfect melding of that art form; what is normally large, into what is small.

    There has always been a close connection between technology and the environment and being 'eco friendly' and 'green' are all too important. The ION supports this belief as a low-power PC as well as sharing the visual beauty of the Bonsai with it's powerful graphics.

    The Bonsai ION Original concept art:

    The internal space allowed inside the pot is only limited by the pot size however for this build, I've opted to use a 14 7/8" x 10 1/2" x 5 1/4" (377.825mm x 266.7 x 132mm) pot.

    It would be great if a living Bonsai could be incorporated into this, however there are a lot of specifics that would have to be taken into account; not the least of which is watering but also the plant type, root/plant depth requirements, sunlight... etc. So for this, an artificial Bonsai was selected however I do believe the fundamentals of the design and message remain.

    The following is a proposed design spec for a possible Bonsai ION layout with pot and artificial tree. The layout is subject to the modder who makes it if is chosen - I am only posting these as an option.

    The iPhone and US change are for reference only. I've measured everything to the millimeter and to scale.

    Added a window:

    Slim CD/DVD (using an ATPI to Sata adapter) & Media Card reader (smallest one I could find)

    IO Panel uses cable jumpers to an IO panel built into the base so the IO isn't cut into the side of the pot. I didn't create all the cables and connectors but you get the idea.



    Instead of plain ground or moss or some other faux ground cover, I opted for a concrete look and having the Bonsai tree 'bursting' out from the concrete - then added a little logo graffiti... Also notice the road dashes and single solid line - only Nvidia gets to pass the slow-pokes and the oncoming traffic can only rubber-neck (;

    I think it adds a little urban appeal while maintaining the original concept and message - Of course, the classic Bonsai look will look great no matter what one does for the ground, this was a direction I wanted to express.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    WOW now this is creative.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Thanks Feelthefunk.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    - I - want a Bonsai ION !

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Call it the BonsION

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    The BonsaION!

    Sound good to me! - They can call it anything they want - if it wins (:

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Looks spiffy, I want one...but umm...where's the HDD and DVD/Blue-ray go?

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Thanks (:

    I've updated my post to reflect that question.

    All in all, it can fit in a properly sized pot.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    This one is really good. A modder could use almost any style of pot on the bottom. It might be cool to etch or emboss some PC game art on the pot to give a subtle hint as to what the whole tree/pot is all about.

    Simple, yet leaves the modder with some decent stylistic options

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Absolutely - And lest we forget the Bonsai itself - there are a multitude of shape, plant type and color options for that as well.

    Heck they could even paint it up to match their design on the pot!

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