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    Apple Modding

    I know that now there are being more and more apple systems but am I the only one that mods them or are there more mac modders out there

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    Apple Modding

    The only Mac's I come in contact with, are G5's at the school, I don't think they would be to impressed if I started dremmeling one of thier Video Editing Suites.

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    Apple Modding

    no they wouldn't im soon to be modding a mac mini and a quad core G5 or lower power it depends but there power full machines they just need better lighting and some over clocking and more HD and optical bays

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    Apple Modding

    i think that macs are ok, its just that you cant upgrade them, buy new cases for them, put them together yourself cheaply, basically customize them. thats kinda the only reason i have a PC instead of a mac, cos i can build it myself

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    Apple Modding

    They produce the hardware, so there would be no reason to need to build your own. You can always take your parts out of the current cases and mod them into something else. That's one of the reasons why apple support is so good, is because they manufacture everything themselfs, they have no 3rd party stuff to mess with.

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    Apple Modding

    yes, but if you buy your own parts and put them together yourself, as in a PC, its cheaper because you dont have to pay someone else to put it together for you, you can also put in exactly what hardware you want/need/can afford and it can be upgraded without having to buy a whole new PC. i will admit though that apple macs are really easy to use, and do have good support. theyre also good for video editing i hear, but hey, i prefer a PC personally. although windows is unstable and linux is hard to learn, so theyre not perfect

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