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Thread: #366 - ION MOD Idea by evaq8

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    #366 - ION MOD Idea by evaq8

    I was thinking about doing this mod before i saw this contest. But my dream wasn't going to be a reality because i gave my NES to an ex girlfriend, and getting it back wouldn't be worth it. The Zotac Ion board is 6.5" x 6.5" and should fit comfortable inside a NES case. Add a slim line blu-ray player and you got your self the baddest ass Blu-ray player on the block. I'm sure everyone knows what one looks like but just in case you forgot.

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    #366 - ION MOD Idea by evaq8

    Slimline Blu-Ray players are harder to find than you'd think, and more expensive. I just finished doing this a few days ago with the Zotac IONITX-A-U actually, and the only decent priced Slimline BD drive out there is made by Silverstone, at least that's the only one I could find. My dad had 3 NES's sitting around, so he gave me one so I could do this mod. Once I got the parts all in, I tested to make sure everything fit alright, the only problem I'm having still is that the Atom gets quite warm. (The ION chipset makes less heat than the N330 Atom, according to GPU-z and CoreTemp). I'm thinking another 40mm exhaust fan should help fix that problem.

    I just found out about this contest today, and I just finished this a few days ago. I'll post pictures of it when I find the camera.

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    #366 - ION MOD Idea by evaq8

    Found my camera.

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    #366 - ION MOD Idea by evaq8

    thats pretty impressive!

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    #366 - ION MOD Idea by evaq8

    Thanks, it was my first mod, and I finished it before even finding out about this contest.

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