Dear Sirs,
Use a Cherry Coke bottle (or mock-up). I chose Cherry Coke because it has an attractive label to go with the coke bottle shape, and things like hard drives, power supplies and fans can be strategically placed to accomodate the needs of the motherboard and other hardware. The entire apparatus should be no larger than a 20 oz to 1 liter bottle. Start with an i7 cpu overclocked. Give it the biggest possible power supply in order to support huge hard drives and other paraphernalia. Add up to 2 terabytes of HDD, with 2 Blu-ray DVDs external (wireless operation if possible). Use at least 8-16 gigs of the fastest RAM that will fit in the space available. Let it have a really premium sound system from Boze if you can. I'm sure speakers and so forth can be either fire wired or use wireless and/or optical technology. I don't know how fast the front side bus can be, but it should be clocked to the max, along with the cpu and RAM. Give it the highest powered iNvidia SLi or better video cards you can manage. Cool the bottle with a liquid coolant applied to the outside through channels that appear to look like frost melt on the bottle. Powerful fans should draw air from the bottom of the bottle through the top (the cap) Some sort of replaceable filters might help with the dust collection at the bottom and top of the interior chassis. You might need to place the bottle on a "caster" on legs that allows air to circulate in this manner. Equip with hard wired virus protection supplemented by McAfee or Norton's best efforts. Use Vista Ultimate OS (64 bit) and add the latest Windows Office (complete). Stick in all the latest games, along with network anywhere capability. Give it software that can control computerized home apparatus and connectivity capability to do these things. Hook it to the best display available, also through a wireless connection. Add a color laser printer by Hewlett Packard. Give it a very smart and interactive keyboard, programmable by the user. The mouse (or equivalent) should have as long a battery life as possible, and warn the user in time to get it recharged or whatever before it conks out in the middle of closing the Great Oblivion Gate or whatever. This item could be marketed in conjunction with the Coca Cola Company as a way to boost Coke sales through a contest of their own. If not able to do this with Coke, of course their competitors would be approached. By the way, I have emailed my picture to the forum as per instructions so it may be posted.