This mod would be based off of the new game that is in beta right now. The game is awesome and this would make a great mod for any person that loves mmo and fps games all in one game. Heres the picture of the mod that seems to me the best mod for this.

When I saw that there was a mod contest going on I couldnt help but use this game as a mod seeing its one of the best games ive seen and got to test out. The design of the helmet would work out great seeing the eyes would make great design ligthing or what ever. It can be built bigger to house any size boards and can even use the plate above the eyes as a plate that covers the dvd/blue ray drives there is a slot under each eye and those would make a great place for USB's or even USB's on one side and the audio jacks on the other side. Also just for more information on it, I chose the white and green style seeing its different and would stand out alot better then most of the other black styles that are so common now. As for what the other side looks like, it is a clone of the side you see. So that is my idea and would work great with the release of Global Agenda.