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Thread: #133 - ION mod idea by AeroCmdr

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    #133 - ION mod idea by AeroCmdr

    My proposal is an Apollo Lunar Module from the Apollo 11 mission to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the first men on the moon.

    It would be a challenge to make it look good and have it big enough to support all of the PC components but it would be a very unique case to see.

    I believe that there are enough flat surfaces for the necessary ports to be placed and possibly hidden under panels. Water cooling could be a solution if fans would not be adequate enough and the docking port on top of the lander could be used as a fill port.

    If the lander's legs could not be made to support the weight of the PC then a clear support could be placed under it to help disperse the weight. If possible it might be great to have a stand underneath the case that looks like the lunar surface.

    Thank you for your consideration and hopefully this can come to fruition.

    This is a lander that was never used and is now on display at the National Air and Space museum.

    This is the back of the Apollo 11 lander while on the moon.

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    #133 - ION mod idea by AeroCmdr

    I think you have a very good idea here, but it really needs to be fleshed out a bit. Include some specs such as the component costs and such. Remember that the board is 6.7" x 6.7", so build the total system around this.

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    #133 - ION mod idea by AeroCmdr

    Wow, I love this idea! Lots of freedom for adding the motherboard. You can make it however big you want. Wouldn't look too off-the-wall sitting on a desk. Could add LEDs and cable management wouldn't be a big issue.

    Good idea!

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