Hello modders and judges,
I'd like to introduce my Castle Gaming Computer. What we will have is a square base wall with stone brick patterns (Picture #1). Contained within that will be a small moat*. Resting on top of and within the water is the castle, which would be a four tower** and four wall design (picture #2), on the front wall will be a small wooden door***. In the center would be an open courtyard*4 (Picture #3) where the motherboard could be placed with a Plexiglas viewing panel on top (Picture #4). On the base wall in the back you could have all your input/output jacks and on the front base wall have a small gold (silver if it fits better with design) plate (Picture #5) engraved with your choice of wording *5. Concept Image at end.
Hopefully you enjoy my idea, as a novelty or a final submission. Thinking this up was fun in itself. This computer being my brain child, would have to be a gaming pc as I am an avid gamer (FPS, MMORPG, RTS, I play them all), but could also be made as a simply internet browser, modders choice.

The following is the appendix's for the first paragraph

This is just to develop and give other ideas for the modders

* The moat water could be replaced with coolant and used in a liquid cooling system for high heat output components such as CPU and GPU.

** The four towers could all contain fans (size depends on scale of castle) and be topped with cone shaped, wooden shingled roof (Picture #6)

*** The small wooden door could flip down with pressure to reveal a DVD drive or have a small motor to raise and lower the door when opening or closing disk drive.

*4 This courtyard could also be made into a fifth tower for exhaust air or simply have a clear fan to allow for inter parts viewing. Blue led's would be a nice touch in viewing panel option was taken.

*5 This wording could be anything from "Nvidia ION, King of games" or "Nvidia ION, King of computers" or "Winning Nvidia ION design contest" or anything else. Even just the Nvidia symbol could be a nice touch.

Photos to give a good mental image

Picture #1
Stone wall Brick pattern

Picture #2
Four tower and four wall design

Picture #3
Open Courtyard

Picture #4

Viewing Panel

Picture #5

Gold/Silver Plate

Picture #6

Coned wooden shingled roof


Made with paint, If colours don't make sense I'm sorry I'm partially colour blind.