Ok guys and gals. This mod has been brewing for a while now. I have finally gotten the urge to start working on it. Although I am not 100% sure what all is in store for the mod.

To sum things up briefly. Its a tribute to the master modder Defyant. We miss him and hope to see him make an appearance again. His last brief appearance showed that he was still dabbling a little in the modding side but I have a feeling WOW has sucked him back in.

None the less. Maybe a little HP Modding Mojo will cause him to surface.

The base case. (Supplied by XcaliburFX)

It actually took a little work to get my hands on one of these cases. Thankfully good ol X really came through for me. He was able to get his hands on one of them that had a bit of a rough life. Unfortunately it came minus the left side panel. Shortly there after he called me and said "you won't guess what I got on the truck".. Long story short.. He had found a 2nd one that was COMPLETE. I definitely owe him a beer or two.

Modding this HP is going to serve a couple of purposes. Now I just have to figure out what all I am going to do to this thing.