[B]My idea basically supports the idea of having more compartments in the computer mod. Making the case more portable and flexible.

First, it probably would be a nice idea to put CD-Rom holding compartments, built into the side of computers. Maybe holding a maximum of 10 CD-rom's or just using the height/width of the case.

http://dakuwon.adrenzone.net/cds.jpg -> As you can see in this image, even the more modern technology still use desk to store CD-Rom disc with. Even my desk uses it. Great people like you guys can make these compartments built on the site of our cases.

Secondly, I would prefer a cup holder next to the monitor. Professional modders could implement a cup holding device on the side of the monitor, mainly for office working people, and also just your usual computer species.

http://dakuwon.adrenzone.net/cupholder.jpg -> In this image, you can see that this guy has a similar idea to what I am saying, regarding both of my ideas above, however, they are not implemented within the computer itself. This has a stand that you can put your CD-rom disc into and also a cup holder to put the cup into. The stand shown in this picture however is not portable and can only be used on flat hard surfaces, whereas my ideas are built alongside the actual structure.

Thirdly, some type of fabric netting that help prevents liquid damage and dirt from invading the internal part of the keyboard. They have fabric keyboard covers, as shown in the image below. These covers prevent foreign substances from damaging your keyboard, however, they tend to be very uncomfortable and unstable at times.


A cool professional modder innovation could be to integrate these fabric linings, in the crest of the keys and the body of the keyboard. This lining material can be cut and shaped on the keyboard creating a complete protective device throughout the entire keyboard. Making the only visible keyboard the actual keys. Cover all the gaps with this material can help the keyboard survive a lot longer, and the material is integrated into the keyboard.

Another cool idea, would be a integrated computer monitor protecter. They have monitor covers, but all of them are built outside of the computer, similar to a car, where you have to drape it over the top and take it off. My idea is to have a slide out protecter that you can slide from the side of your monitor, and connect it to the other side of the monitor when you want to protect your monitor. When you are done, it can slide back into the monitor (inside compartment) and not create an distraction for your monitor.

http://dakuwon.adrenzone.net/monitor%20cover.jpg -> These are how monitor protecters are designed.

Another idea I had was storing paper in your monitor. Creating a compartment that could store paper for printing. I always find it hard to store my paper, with my desk being already occupied. A small compartment in the back, if your monitor is big enough, could also create a paper storage device.

As for skinning the computer, you could skin it with the American flag symbol. Or maybe the SuperMan symbol, showing its super abilities. Or even possibly both. The shape and design and all that can be all opinionated. I like the Alienware designs. You could also make this specific computer more circular in its appearance. I think that would help integrate the compartments I thought of....


Computer technology sells by the ease of use, and innovation it has. I believe these ideas can really help in the business world of computer modding. I study Computer Science Engineering, but I find all things in computers to be very interesting.