Hi all!

Ive never modded a case before but i would love to see someone do this one....

( thanks www.thefakelife.com)

I would put the motherboard and the bulk of the hardware into the crocodile like monster. The power supply would go in the center of ultraman. The wires would run inside ultraman's arms.

The ultraman itself would probably need to be made out of plastic or even metal. Maybe I have a 3 feet tall ultra man figure that is perfect for this mod (but you cant have it cuz it was really expensive haha). All we need to purchase is a crocodile or croc like monster figure, gut it and place the motherboard inside.

Personally, i would put the intake fan near the mouth of the croc, the exhaust vent through the tail/belly area of the the croc. I would make the tail kind of like the cooler master cosmos top exhaust, so that if you look at it at a certain angle, it will kind of look like scales, while still providing ample breath-ability. This should be okay since the croc will be upside down. The motherboard would fit inside the croc facing upwards.

I would place the power button on ultramans chest area where his blinking light goes. The left and right eyes will be the hardrive and power leds.

The legs of ultraman would probably need to be bolted down onto a larger surface like a monitor stand to keep it from tipping over. All the power cables can and should also be routed inside/behind ultraman into the stand and out the back out of sight.

Alternatively, the powersupply can be mounted in the bottom stand, and the harddrive can be mounted in body of ultraman.

Thats it! Ultraman + monster PC mod!!! I hope someone out there is a ultraman fan too!!!! :lol: