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Thread: #191 - ION Mod Idea by ERrnesST

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    #191 - ION Mod Idea by ERrnesST

    Blue-prints made with powerpoint lol.Case type-maybe aluminum or clear plastic. a matte color(gloss smudges noticeably). As for the Design, color, and positioning is up to you guys.

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    #191 - ION Mod Idea by ERrnesST

    awesome idea guy

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    #191 - ION Mod Idea by ERrnesST

    thanks. I had to rush it though because I had to go to work.

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    #191 - ION Mod Idea by ERrnesST

    Heh, should have built in speakers like you find in a laptop. The ION board has uses in laptops, so since it looks like a radio, make it sound like a radio too hehe! See... I like people that put some planning into their suggestions.. not just finding a cool pic and dumping them and nothing more.

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