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Thread: #170 - ION Mod Idea by ebwolf

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    #170 - ION Mod Idea by ebwolf

    My father has always said "I'm not interested in anything that doesn't help me rebuild my carburetor." For those of you too young to know: before the invention of electronic fuel injection, the fuel/air mixture powering your car's engine was regulated through a complex (Rube Goldberg-ish?) mechanical device called a carburetor. These are still the choice for many high-performance applications...

    I'd like to be able to give my father his first computer - a computer powered carburetor - or rather, a computer in a carburetor. How wonderfully anacrhonistic would it be for my father to have a Holly 4-barrel sitting on his work bench in the garage that's actually running OBD-II diagnostics!


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    #170 - ION Mod Idea by ebwolf

    Now THAT'S a great idea

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    #170 - ION Mod Idea by ebwolf

    this is your dream computer so your father would use it ????? all tho i like the idea!!!!

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    #170 - ION Mod Idea by ebwolf

    prime for a good time?? haha

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