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Thread: :) senior got lucky.

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    :) senior got lucky.

    well folks we have only had one pc in the house for me and my mom and my little cousins who visit to use and thats my baby in my sig. well my friend RJ(newbie in the pc world but is learning) came across the best thing while he was at the junkyard selling scrap metal. anyways i guess you guys want to know what i got. well its a computer. and i really really needed a second pc. after comming from the junkyard he came directly to my house to see if i wanted it and of course i did. it was in terrible cosmetic condition from sitting out in the rain. and i didnt think it was good at all. but still we plugged in a monitor and power cable and turned it on and to our suprise there was no smoke and it we were both wtf. maybe they just threw it out cause they upgraded someone even wrote obsolete on the top in a sharpie lol. well i am typing this from her now lol yea its an AT form factor and im using my ultra clicky ibm oldskool keyboard and a regular ps/2 mouse anyway heres the specs of it after some digging round for parts

    pentium @ 166 mhz socket 7 (soon to be a k6/2)
    128 mb sd ram (Was 32 mb edo ram but the motherboard supports edo and sd ram )
    30 gb hd (didnt have one when i got it.)
    windows 98
    pci nic card
    52x cd rom

    thats about it but i really couldnt belive my luck lol anyway just thought i would share this with you folks it is very possibly going to be modded over the summer. since all it really does it crunch emails and does word and alot of roms.

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    :) senior got lucky.

    Pics plz.....Sounds awesome,have fun with it

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    :) senior got lucky.

    hey senior we are both lucky lol today while driving to the store i found a computer with monitor two keyboard and two mouse on the side of the road.I picked them up and brought them home and hooked them up and they work, here are the spec of mine lol

    pentium w/mmx at 166mhz socket 7 with 32mbs of sdram with a 4 gig hddand with a unknown cd-rom its says but it says this goldstarcdr-8161b (cpq0) and it has windows 95 on it

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    :) senior got lucky.

    woa mad mod man how ironic lol good thing about these though are that u can upgrade them with more ram and whatnot.

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    :) senior got lucky.

    Outstanding you two!!! You must have done something right for a change. Ha Ha Congrats again!!!

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    :) senior got lucky.

    yea,i am just having one problam with it it boots and everything then when it finallys gets into windows like you can click the start button and everything else it keeps locking up on me

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