I like my PC's to look like Computers. Sure, it's great to stuff your computer in something and call it a MOD, but a true case mod is a case BUILT for the components you want. At least that's my opinion.

In regards to computers, I am in need of two things at home:
1. A Network Storage Machine
2. A device to play my Netflix Downloaded Movies/TV Shows over the Internet in the workout room

The computer is going to need lots of storage.
The computer is going to need to be a small footprint, yet a peice of art as well
The computer is going to need to connect wirelessly to my wireless N router
The computer will play on a 24" inch monitor

I designed the case below to fit my needs. It holds three hard drives, a mini-ITX board, and has a nice foot print at only 5" wide, 9.5" tall and 8.5" deep.

I also designed the case to look like a "mini tower" - something that one could put on a desk and look really cool. The ideal case would be made from acrylic and color could be chosen.

Here are my sketches.

Good luck to all entering!