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Thread: #409 - ION Mod Idea by Railz

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    #409 - ION Mod Idea by Railz

    ill just wait to see what happens when you run it in the program... post the results.

    also the gyro fan idea is as you said almost impossible to woirk out

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    #409 - ION Mod Idea by Railz

    im back... i was on vacation for a week, whats the "delio"

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    #409 - ION Mod Idea by Railz

    Sorry, I've been busy with work. I got the components in today, but the case and gyros still need to be ordered. The FEA run also indicated the theory would work so I'm psyched about putting this thing together now. The cost up till now is about $511.24 without the cost of the gyros or plexiglass to make the case and base. I went with a 250Gb Black version of the drive I linked and the memory I substituted with OCZ 4Gb (2x 2Gb) high-performance/gaming memory. Not as good as Kingston brand, but cheaper. Considering that the hard drive, DVD drive, memory and motherboard are not included in the $500 limit, I think this would have cost a bit over $300 if it had won. I'm not phased one bit. I got my computer in the making and superglad I made my buy.

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    #409 - ION Mod Idea by Railz

    you could try to convert a Freestyle bike rotor for a power connection not sure if they still make duel cable rotors

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    #409 - ION Mod Idea by Railz

    Kytzune...are going to make this??

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    #409 - ION Mod Idea by Railz

    Aug 20, 9:33pm
    well yes, it started out as Railz idea but when I read it, I got inspired and since it was time for an upgrade, I decided why the hell not? Gotta admit, it would make for a killer case for lan parties.

    Anyhow, I'll start posting status updates here if nobody minds:

    I've got the components like I mentioned, however the power supply power cable is only 12V and 2A so it's not powering the supply enough for all the components (i.e. the system turns itself off when Video card is taxed more than boot screen/BIOS) so I'll have to get a 12v 9.5A power connector to get the full 200W out of the tiny PSU. I need to go to a home depot or Lowe's to see how much they charge for the 1/4" (3/8" if they don't have 1/4&#34 acrylic sheets, I've already got the measurements ready to cut the case out.

    The motor I have decided on is about 2"long, 1" diameter and can run at 300RPM and... heck I'll just link it.

    Then there's the brass plate I'll need to get and to cut it into a 5" diameter rotor. the 4.1lbs/inch torque is what's gonna get this baby in balancing shape. The framework is going to be the tricky part since it'll take up a lot of the extra space that the wiring may need towards the bottom.

    Anyhow, next couple of paychecks are gonna help me make this a reality. Fingers crossed people, I'm out for now.

    Sept 2, 1:42pm
    I'm still alive people, and though I've bought the acrylic sheet (nice $55+ chunk outta my wallet), the power adapter is still ever-elusive offline. This weekend I'm making a trip home from where I'm stationed so I'll make a quick detour and stop by Frye's Electronics, and if they don't have it, guess internet's the way to go as Radioshack, Best Buy, and most all hobby shops have come up zilch. Another reason I'm going home to see the 'rents is to use my dad's plethora of tools that span a broad range of applications, plastics among them. Ta for now!

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