Hi Guys.

Working on improving my main rig over the last weekend.

EVGA 790i Ultra (p06)
Q9450 @ 3.8Ghz - unlinked

Core - 1.35v
Memory - 1.85v
SPP *auto - (1.4v)
FSB *auto - (1.30v)

Supertalent 1600Mhz 2x2Gb 7-7-7-21
2x Samsung(320Gb) SataII raid -0
GTX280 (Sli)
Thermaltake 1200W Toughpower
Razer Baracuda AC-1/HP
Razer Lachesis/Lycosa
Thermalright 120 U

Firstly I'll move on to the lapping job first. I used a selection of grits for this I've heard people start on 600 and move up.

320 Grit
400 Grit
600 Grit
800 Grit
1000 Grit
1200 Grit
1500 Grit

I did all the lapping dry and sets of 30s.

As you can see the side are risen on the Q9450

Next I moved onto the Thermalright 120U, which took a lot of time to get were I wanted it.

after a 320 grit 5 sets (very slowly to stop it buckling)

After 400 grit

After 600 grit

I moved up to 800 and then 1000. At this point it was basically flat

Moving on I wanted the case looking as clean as possible so my cable managment job was next.


Motherboard tray marked up

Had to go to a car company to get my rubber tubing (UK) I believe it was 7mm

At this point I started running some of the bigger cable around the back. The Thermaltake 1200W PSU cables are of average size and where difficult to manage with out cable ext.

The 4-pin CPU PSU cable was to short anyone know if you can get a cable ext for this so I can hide this around the back

For now this is the finished cabling around the back end

With the side panel off

Top end


I'm not to happy with the bottom of the case so I will be revising this again this Friday. More pics to come on this.