The ION cooler mod by ettanub.

The whole idea behind this is if you are golfing or having a picnic you can still use your computer / watch your favorite hd movies even if you are away from your home.

On the lid of the cooler, a 7" touchscreen LCD panel would serve as the primary display. The ION board would be built into the lid of the cooler but it would be insulated so it cant get splashed with ice water, beer, or condensation.

The lid of the cooler would operate on a hinge and a SATA SSD drive would be mounted in the side of the cooler's body as well as a slot loading DVD drive.

For power, a laptop battery could be modded into the base of the cooler so you wouldnt have to be inconveniently hook up to an outlet all of the time.

Please tell me what yall think