Ok, I have no idea on what other people are suggesting and im not going to look, cause i dont want to hear anything rediculous. Im just going to say this. A Unit as this.(this is a bose product) That sits with your cable reciever which replaces your use for a dvd Player/ you may still have vhs, keep it rocken, its old school. Something like this hook to a flat touch screen or not would work out perfect, Infact it would reduce usage on some PG&E :X Using our computers with the tv- Eliminates space taken up for a monitor.- May be my opinion but maby be arguable. But I Realy think this Is a Good Way to go- Clear Off The PS2 XBOX ATARI NINTENDO's- Here comes A CHANGE- please reply to me at BMXMUDRACER@MSN.COM or MASTERMIND559@HOTMAIL.COM