Hi. My idea would be for a Egyptian themed computer. Possibly a statue of the Egyptian god of embalming Anubis! :P

I was thinking that the base of the statue could hold the main part of the computer - motherboard, etc. and you could have the cd/dvd drives coming out from between his paws. The fan could be either in his head so that the air could come out through his ears, or in his stomach where his ribs would be - kinda like he is breathing, lol. It would be awesome if the eyes/head could somehow be the screen so that it would seem like he was alive...or if you use the picture with him on the chest, the screen could be in the front of the chest. I would love to have hieroglyphics all around it, and have it looking real ancient and old. You could also have a gold pyramid behind him (like the pyramids of Giza with the Sphinx right in front - although this time it would be Anubis). :lol:

Anyway, the ideas are endless...I just want it to be about the ancient Egyptian God Anubis. If you have any questions feel free to ask.