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had trouble getting picture to here so just posted website for a different lamp please go to to get picture thanks

this idea would be really neat the center of the lava lamp with the liquid could be shorter and the base longer and the cd drive would be the circular stand but much wider for a cd, the top comes off and has a pressure sensitive power button. The bottom front will have 4 usb ports, an ethernet port, and a vga port. It will come with a (maybe a bluetooth mouse or a bluetooth keyboard or both) mouse and a keyboard that lights up under neath the keys any color (blue is what i would choose). On the back will have 2 very small fans that light up in three colors every 7 seconds blue, red, then green. The lamp would be bigger, of course and work like a lava lamp. If it isnt possible to put liquid in and make it work like a lava lamp then just have a light that changes colors inside. It wont be the shape in the photo, it will be wider and could have a somewhat triangle shape bottom so everything can fit but still keep a circular stand, it will be much bigger.

It will have either 1 or 2gb ram, and a 160gb or more hdd. (blue ray drive if possible)