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Thread: mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

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    mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

    hey how is everyone doing.Well today i got lucky lol,I am a member of a forum that people give away stuff that dont want anymore or dont need.Well some one was giving away alot of computer stuff and i mean alot,they are old but can mod them to where i can use them with new stuff.I took some pics of the stuff i got here is the link to the pics

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    mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

    You could always do a retro mod

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    mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

    i am thinking about that i got alot of good ideas.I am like a little kid in a candy store with all that computer stuff

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    mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

    cool.. thats alot of parts...

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    mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

    yes it is alot of parts.I have a old shed outside that i turned into a computer shop.i didnt have much time to do anything with yet so i just put them all in my shop well it is so much that i cant even get in there now because of all the stuff but tomorrow i am going to go thur all the stuff and make room for it all

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    mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

    wow and i thought that i had alot of stuff given to me! well done good luck with the modding

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    mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

    Thats sweet! Im sure you will have fun trying to come up with something to use all that stuff on. Nice score man.

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    mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

    Congrats mad_mod that was a good give away and find so with all that bits and pieces your bound to come up with something if not just remove parts to use else where.

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    mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

    i have trashed most of the stuff because it was not good or to old to do anything with but here is something funny.when i was going to threw the trash away to day at the dumpers i found to computers with computer monitor both monitors worked and one of the computer worked the other computer didnt but i have a good idea for the case.See i was in a baad car wreck back in oct 05 and now i am getting my money soon from my wreck and i am going to spend over $2000 in computer stuff that is going to be 4 computer.1 i am building a htpc and the case that i found to day i am going to mod it for the htpc ,2nd computer i am going to build is going out in my computer shop that i have mine that i had out there died,the 3rd computer i am building is a custom case that is going to go in my new chevy s10 pick up that i am getting and the 4th computer i am buildong is updating my fiance computer


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    mad_mod_man got lucky today!!!

    Super, hope you do some posting of these projects. I'll really like to see the htpc project. Happy Modding.

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