HI all,

First, my languague is french so i will try my best explanation in english . sorry for my poor english!
My idea is what ION name can fit with, and i think an ovni form and design can be very futuristic and cool for gamers design case for a lots of reasons.

or like this one

the pictures is only for the form of structure of the case.

i have lots of ideas about lots of gadjets, like :

-Case should be in cold material for cooling
-how to transporting case,
-how to make it stand up with a kind of tripod,
-ergonomic for small desk with the increasing tripod up and down,
-use as lamp,
-heat-sink case inside and outside
-inside cooling fans
-and how to open it to make change inside.
-where put cables for monitors key board mouse etc (in bottom of case)
-where put dvd//bluray player
-small glass windows to look inside of case
-ION lights moving around ovni case
-power and reset button design
all this for the more futuristic new ion case mod design and more...

i will make some drawings to explain only if you are interest of my idea of course. 8-)

I wait for your signal^^