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    #356 - ION Mod idea by Krazeek #3

    Hey all,

    I wanted to address the portability of the ION platform, so I figured what better way than to design a full computer into a backpack. Due to the $500 budget, I needed to scrimp on the components, but I think I designed a pretty decent shell. The image for this idea is here:

    The way I see it, you could easily house a decent laptop battery to power the structure (or use the AC adapter provided with the motherboard) in the base. I estimate this would be about $110.

    A 17" Monitor would be about $100, and would fold over the left shoulder to provide it at a decent distance. The keyboard and mouse would swing around from the lower-right of the backpack, and should cost about $27

    Since this is portable, a SSD drive is a must, and I found a decent 32GB one (not huge, but it's portable) for about $110. The RAM could be fairly basic, and I figure about $44 for this.

    This gives about $100 to design the backpack and swing-arms. The arms should be able to fold into the backpack to create a clean package when not extended.

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    #356 - ION Mod idea by Krazeek #3

    i had the same idea late last night but wasnt able to use my scanner to scan my drawing till this afternoon , on mine it uses a projection keyboard and a wireless monitor and wireless mouse

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    #356 - ION Mod idea by Krazeek #3

    SSD is not a must. its a want.

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    #356 - ION Mod idea by Krazeek #3

    Alright, after learning more about the mobo for this contest, I find I'll need to redesign the setup. The following components would now be the basics:

    * 17" Monitor - $100
    * Keyboard/Mouse - $27
    * SSD drive - Provided
    * RAM - Provided
    * 350W PSU - $15
    * DVD Burner - $35

    Given this, the backpack itself would be built with the remaining $320+ budget. I'd expect it to be a hard-shell unit with backpack straps and the swing-arms that unfold out of the backpack, as stated in the original post.

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    #356 - ION Mod idea by Krazeek #3 These would solve the problem of a monitor but the busget may not work

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    #356 - ION Mod idea by Krazeek #3

    Thanks for the link, John, and it is a good item, but well out of the price range. TBH, I was initially looking for a single HUD reticle kind of like you'd see military aircraft pilots with, where they could view where they were going as well as the information on the HUD. Due to the needed PSU, I don't think it's too much of an option anymore, but I'm content with having a computer on my back which can unfold once plugged in and allow me to do everything I need to.

    Given everything else, I'm pretty content with this mod design. It's almost reminiscent of the cyberdecks from cyberpunk lore, and can be stylish too.

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