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Thread: #154 - ION Mod Idea by brad # 2

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    #154 - ION Mod Idea by brad # 2

    Hey again, I have this idea to make a Hemp computer. The hole case would be made out of pure hemp. The cd-drives, power button, reset button and the components in the back would be the same materal has a Regular computer. Very easy to make aslong as u find some hemp material and sew it into a case.

    PS I don't feel like posting all the details what it would be inside. YOU CHOOSE.
    I like super fast computer, muilti media, and Good graphics for up to date Games.

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    #154 - ION Mod Idea by brad # 2

    Would make for some interesting "overheating" shenanigans. lmao!

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    #154 - ION Mod Idea by brad # 2

    LOL yea, it would have to be some kind of cooling system in it so it won't burn didn't even think of that.

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