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Thread: #160 - ION Mod Idea by Caoder

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    #160 - ION Mod Idea by Caoder

    Here's my basic idea, Make a case with a cover like a book.. about book sized, that you can dock to a basic station with all the connecters routed out the back, Convienent for moving the computer around, all you need is multiple docks. and montors hooked to em, also the cover opens up to a clear acrylic top to show off ur new ion build.. the cover has internal hinges to make it look nicer... Leather bind the outside, should look better. The dock is simply a dock that allows for all the connectos to be simply routed towards the back.
    Gut a large book and make an aluminum square with the mounts and toss a small 1.8 or 2.5 notbook drive in there and it should fit fine, toss 2 40 mm fans up top or to the side(opposite of the "binding" side) and running it like that should be fine =o .. Hopefully u can find a small enough psu for it :/ and route the psu from the the dock. use laptop brick plugs .. or similiar and attach it to the dock. and run it along the inside of the case to the psu up top.

    images from a quick google sketch mockup

    Gallery Link:

    If one doesn't work try the other =/

    Image Links:

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    #160 - ION Mod Idea by Caoder

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