A PC Hidden in a picture frame
Everyone want's something they've chosen to be made into a computer, or they want to hide the technology behind their system. I believe this idea solves both and more. Why settle with just one thing when you can choose to look at what ever you want.
*A family photo
*A picture of your favorite thing
*A mirror

OK, what's on it? Looking at the front all you would see is possibly a little wire, but mostly you'll see what ever you chose too look at. On your left and right side you'll find all the major connections for a computer, namely the Ion connections. 6 USB, HDMI, DVI, S-Video, Ethernet, 7.1 audio (optical and analog). More could be easily added. From the back at the top would be your power button, reset, possibly a switch for a light around the front of the frame and a multi-card reader. Even better than a multi-card reader would be a DVD combo drive.

I used a digital picture frame for the base object here and that would be an awesome addition, but would unfortunately make it much bigger. Brackets on the back could allow you to hang it on the wall next to a mounted monitor. Tubing would easily conceal wires if you don't want any seen.

I asked my family and friends and many would like something like this, they aren't exactly major computer users, but they all liked the fact that there wasn't this large system sitting there, better than that was something appealing to them that they could choose to place in the front. Hehe, they all wanted family photos, exactly what I would choose. This would make a perfect gift and boy would I love one