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Thread: #206 - ION Mod Idea By JetLogic

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    #206 - ION Mod Idea By JetLogic

    My case modding idea is for all you lovely science nerds (myself include)!
    The case is represented with a theme from the CERN experiments. This means a frame which is typically octagonal with a metal/wiring theme in grey/black/blue.
    The circular port in the back can be used as the main power input and each angular section can be used as an open port for things such as DVI/USB/ETC.
    The front circular port can be used as the main power button/power display. USB ports can be added in front along with optional video/sound inputs.

    This of course is down to scale, not actual CERN sized :P

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    #206 - ION Mod Idea By JetLogic

    This could also be flipped so it's a hexagonal/octagonal cylinder resting on one of the large faces and power cords could be ran downwards instead of into the back.

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    #206 - ION Mod Idea By JetLogic

    Bump for welcoming feedback

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