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Thread: #433 - ION Mod Idea - By Tinfoilpain

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    #433 - ION Mod Idea - By Tinfoilpain

    This one is rather simple idea, A rubik's cube, which hides a fully functioning computer within.

    Pretty much that but with different colored LED's that light up when you turn the computer on.
    Or perhaps, if you could, make the top part of the cube spin when turned on, it could be like a fan on top but as though it were trying to solve itself.
    I hope you guys like the idea.

    This is my new idea, in which the top part raises up, hiding the optical drive, and a rough idea of the size of the case.
    With a 2.5 inch HDD or 3.5 inch HDD, and external powersupply found at
    there should be plenty of space for the board, RAM, fans, etc..

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    #433 - ION Mod Idea - By Tinfoilpain

    OR on the other hand have the dvd push forward the top 3 blocks of a side for the opening.

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    #433 - ION Mod Idea - By Tinfoilpain

    OK Ive done a major overhaul of the render, and made it A LOT more deatailed.
    First off here is a basic layout of the components without a side panel, top parts, and front

    As you can see, you will have the zotac at the bottom, with 2 80mm fans pulling air in from the front.
    Above the fans is the a 3.5 inch HDD 250GB Segate - $45
    And on the top is the Slimline dvd burner, for $90
    As far as RAM 4Gbs of DDR2 Dual Channel, for $43
    And for the PSU we use a mini itx psu with an external AC Adapter. for a total of $140 the 110W AC Universal Adapter 12V 9A and the picoPSU-90 12V DC-DC ATX PSU (Atom compatible).
    This should leave around $185 for materials and everything else.
    So Lets get to the Design layouts.
    Ive split it up into 2 major parts, the main body, and the lid.


    AS you can see there are small pockets in the extrusions from the main body as I will refer to as Color blocks.
    The color blocks have slits in them for airflow to enter and escape, for all sides except the bottom. It would be very interesting to put LEDs inside the slits of the color blocks that light up when the computer is on.
    Here are the measurementsBUT PLEASE NOTE:The Render of the main body is incorrect, the color blocks should be at the very top, leaving no gap as seen in red circles below.
    Measurements for the main body, width is same all around hieght is slightly different to keep the entire structure a cube.

    Now the inside of the cube (TOP DOWN)

    Now the lid

    That also has the measurements for the color blocks.
    The lid & color blocks (SIDE VIEW)

    and now the inside view of all sides, except bottom side.

    This is the basic layout, remember that the main body should have no gape between the top row of color blocks and the top part of the body. that was a mistake on my part
    Also that the top row of the front part of the body(where the cd drive is facing) is not fixed to the block and will be opened by the cd drive.
    Is it possible to have on/off and reset buttons disguised as some of the color blocks on the top?
    Also there should be holes for the bottom row back for the IO panel of the motherboard, and for the PSU Cable
    So here's my new revised idea and i hope you guys like it

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    #433 - ION Mod Idea - By Tinfoilpain

    Hey guys, after realizing that we get the RAM and a 2.5inch SSD ive revised my parts list, along with a major idea.
    First of all, were removing the RAM from the price list so saving us about $43, and second adding a slot load slimline Sata optical drive. [web][/web]
    I did this because, i realize its hard to make a slim, manual loading optical drive functional with a custom faceplate.
    So my new idea is to simply have a thin slot under the top row of color blocks, and thus creating a simple, and discrete solution. I will be posting new renders of this soon. Enjoy

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    #433 - ION Mod Idea - By Tinfoilpain

    Love the idea but a full size version is already being built...... hope to see this one built as well looks like a great!!!! thought you might want to see the log...its been a very long project since I don't have lots of time to work on it... days=0&postorder=asc&start=0


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    #433 - ION Mod Idea - By Tinfoilpain

    Wow, thanks for the heads up on that and for the positive feedback
    I would build this myself if it doesnt win but, I dont have access to any machining companies.... or a lot of money
    if you know any that around san francisco and are cheap, let me know

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    #433 - ION Mod Idea - By Tinfoilpain

    yeah as you can see from my build its not cheap 400.00 cost for custom PCB's 300.00 for RGB controllers and we got lucky since my bother works at a machine shop and could do all the aluminum work for us...

    Hope to have the base done pretty soon so watch for updates....


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    #433 - ION Mod Idea - By Tinfoilpain

    Oh on another note, if the builders want the model part uploaded in .dxf or another format just let me know and ill be happy to

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    #433 - ION Mod Idea - By Tinfoilpain

    Alright guys i've made on last update
    I've put the majority of the details on this picture

    I was hoping to keep the entire cube black, with green LEDs inside when turned on.
    Also for materials this design keeps options open, if it is metal or plastic or whatever. It is relatively thick.

    I Re-did the front panel to include a slot loading drive, Added mounting points for mobo and drive bays etc, Re-did panel separations to allow for easier fabrication. for all the details, specs, etc please let me know by replying to this thread or else I won't post them.


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